Biodegradable Modifined Resin


Modified Resin TC-BF75 is a type of biodegradable plastic made from poly (butylene adipate terephthalate) (PBAT). It is highly suitable for replacing traditional plastic packaging bags, agricultural films, and disposable appliances.

It has a short degradation cycle and exhibits excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, ductility, and elongation at break.

The processing method for is similar to that of conventional LDPE.

Under composting conditions, biodegradable polyester (PBAT) can be broken down by microorganisms into CO2, H2O, and high-quality organic fertilizers within 180 days without generating any toxic gases.

It serves as the primary raw material for producing biodegradable plastic films, helping to reduce white pollution.

It surpasses other biodegradable plastics in terms of mechanical performance, comparable to PP and ABS, and its excellent heat resistance and processability enable versatile processing on conventional blown film plants.